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Disney Plus Party log file steps
These are the instructions to get the log files for Disney Plus Party.

If you are not comfortable doing this, please don't. If you would like more information about this, please email

These log files will help us fix any problems or errors people might experience, and do not give out any personal information. They simply give output from the extension.

Please follow these steps and send the resulting file to

In the top right of your browse, left click on the extension icon, and press 'Manage extension'

In the top right corner, enable Developer mode (This can be disabled later, if you like)

Find and click 'background page'

On the window that pops up, press the 'Console' tab

Now, try to join or host a party. When it gives you an error, left click anywhere the pop up window and press 'Save as...'.

Call the file 'log', and save the file to the desktop. After that, email the file to and explain the issue you're having